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Marketers' Main Accountability Challenge
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Only for Multi-Nationals or  also applicable to SME
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The ROI of Accountability and Modeling itself
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Is there a difference for accountability in
on- and offline?
What's the main challenge for Marketers
... when it comes to the accountability of marketing?
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Would you say: "YES! Accountable Marketing, of course!"
The results of our marketing activities can not be measured at all.”, is what people often tell me, but I strongly suggest that it is not true. If it is true; why should one invest in those marketing activties at all? 
Besides, more and more C-Suites, Business owners, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Marketers, MarCom specialists, are convinced nowadays that the effectiveness of marketing can and should be measured. This insight has been fed by:
  • Direct Marketing and Internet activities are well known for there measurements,
  • ​Marketers face(d) loosing their ‘grip’ of the marketing budget and want to return to the ‘board room’ by becoming accountable again,
  • ​The development of (SAAS) tools to plan, measure and manage marketing activities, is getting better and better.
As I really want to help business owners, marketers and management teams (like you?) to increase marketing effectiveness with accountability, I am more than happy to send you a free copy of my book and you only pay for shipping and handling.
In this book:
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